This isn’t the adventure you imagined.

The recall is asking owners to “refrain from recharging these vehicles and not to park them inside of structures, or near other vehicles until the vehicle has the final repair completed”. However, the recall adds that “The remedy for this condition is not currently available.” Understandably this isn’t the “off-road” experience you expected from your Jeep Wrangler, but how long are you willing to live with this risk? Put yourself first and seriously consider your options.

Put the issue of power back in your hands.

You value your independence, your passion for adventure and being in control of your life. Don’t let your love of Jeep interfere with the realities of the situation. Right now the manufacturer can only offer you delays, excuses and uncertainty. We will offer you the legal representation you need, to switch gears and get the compensation you deserve.

Our team will fight for a cash settlement from the manufacturer on your behalf so you can decide what road to take next.

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